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Finally, Easter Acro is back!
We'll make it an extra long edition with a preconvention starting Thursday afternoon!







Main convention







Registration opens at November 20: 17:00.
(Hint: The facebook event page page will be update first. )


Normal Helper
(Only 5 tickets, having a car is a plus)
Pre-con + main con: 7/4 - 10/4 all in €250 €150
Main con: 8/4 - 10/4 all in €175 €100

Refund policy

Waiver of liability

By registering for this convention, participants claim responsibility for their own safety and the risks involved when practicing acrobatics.


Click or touch a teacher for more information

Joe Rubinstein & Orin Levor
(pre-con and main-con)

Joe currently living in Tel Aviv, is originally from the United States.
Joe has a successful studio in Israel teaching all levels of acro from l-basing, icarian, to standing and H2H.
Joe has a tremendous passion for Acroyoga, and is dedicated to helping his students succeed and also do it in a way that keeps everyone safe.
Joe is an expert at breaking down difficult skills into progressions to help build skills to completion.
Joe has a fun, energetic personality, and has a good sense of humor as well, which he bring along with to his classes and workshops!
Joe also is the founder of the “BestOfIcarian, BestofH2H, BestofAcroFails” Instagram Pages, which collects the best videos from around the world.

Orin Lev Or (26) was born into an Acro family. Orin started doing acro from the age of 5.
She started performing and teaching at a very young age, along with her father, Yanai Lev Or.
Orin is also a professional dancer, she did a yoga teacher training and she’s also a massage therapist.
In her classes she combines a lot of styles - Icarian , standing , flow and more.
Along with lots of smiles and help for everyone.

Scott & Michaela
(main con)

Scott and Michaela teach acrobatics and don’t like talking about themselves, especially in the 3rd person. However they realise this isn’t particularly useful for someone deciding whether or not to attend one of their workshops…

Also known as Acro Misco, they have been doing acrobatics for over a decade. Before they began their glorious partnership, Scott spent his free time pretending to be Spider-Man and Michaela was a cheerleader until she realised that Scott was the only person she wanted to throw her around.

Living in Manchester UK without a regular coach, the self taught duo have developed a unique style of training, namely learning all the ways not to do things so that you don’t have to. They’ve spent the last few years travelling far and wide to learn from the best teachers around to keep developing and learning.

Over the last decade Misco have been building up the acrobatic community in their home town of Manchester and now they want to spread their acro love around the world.

Evan Josef
(main con)

Evan is an international acro teacher who's certified through Acroyoga Montreal as well as Partner Acrobatics and eventually joined the PA team as a coach.

Evan recently moved to Cologne Germany after 7 years of traveling the world teaching, training and doing what he loves.

He has completed over 20 weeks of studies with Pitch Catch Circus School of Acrobatics and specializes in teaching H2h, F2h and lots of standing dynamic tricks.

With a background of music and a bachelor's degree in dance and performing arts, Evan teaches with a passion for movement, improvisation and self expression. He's a strong believer that values such as trust, communication and supporting one another are among the building blocks of this practice.

This man's enthusiasm for acrobatics and the community is contagious and will inspire you to dive into this practice with an open heart and a ready mind.

Ellen & Killian
(pre-con and main con)

Ellen & Killian are a fun and hard working hand to hand duo, with Ell Circo D’ell Fuego in Antwerp as their home base.
They have been training together since 2017 and started teaching a weekly class about a year later. Last year they worked on a group performance and tasted the artist life a bit, but they feel most comfortable in their teacher roles.
They both have a background in gymnastics, giving them a wholesome understanding of many important details which often get overlooked.

Ellen has been a teacher for as long as she can remember. She started teaching gymnastics when she was 16 and worked as a teacher for the past 13 years.
Her creative mind and drive to learn make her classes challenging and fun. She also built up the existing acro community in Antwerp and loves organising jams, classes and events.

Killian's teaching experience is focused on helping individuals with learning new tricks.
He works in ICT, giving him the ability to analyze details. He uses this quality in acrobatics by intelligently finding what makes a trick work or fail while teaching and training.
Killian also logistically supports Ellen with the organisation of her events.

Isaiah Van Eetvelde
Handstands (main con)

Isaiah has been active in gymnastics competition since she could walk. She now runs her own business in teaching handstands all over Europe and online.

After her studies as a health promotor at the University of Ghent she discovered the world of circus and fell in love with expressing herself through the art of movement.

She's now finding her way as a professional artist in handbalancing and hand to hand.

Katrijn De Wilde
Handstands & workshop with Paulo (main con)

Katrijn is a passionate handbalancer and partneracrobat. She started gymnastics at the age of 5 in gymnastics club De Greves at Hamme where she also started with acrogym shortly afterwards. She obtained her Master's degree in Sports and Movement Sciences at KU Leuven in 2016 and also successfully completed the specific teacher training course.

Now her passion lies in giving personal coaching and handbalancing workshops. For about 10 years now Katrijn is focusing on handbalancing so yes she is more comfortable on her hands than on her feet.

  • Favorite handstand: Figa
  • Working on: One arm twisted flag

Annika & Andor
(main con)

Andor fell in love with partner acrobatics a some years ago, when they each discovered that it's just more fun doing acrobatics with people instead of horses (Annika) or apparatuses (Andor).

Annika likes every acro-style she has tried so far, but the adrenaline junkie inside her just loves to fly high.

Andor loves to throw and catch - it was a match! In teaching, what both share is their meticulous breaking down of complex skills into sizeable chunks.

They might use a (very!) different language for that, but they discovered that all roads lead to Rome, and having more than one road to choose from might actually be faster in acro 😁

Wybren Wouda
(main con)

Wybren is one of the best known teachers in Europe, currently teaching at Codarts Circus Arts, Rotterdam.

He has been involved in Sports- and Circus Acrobatics alike since he was a child, and has become world-renown for analyzing dynamic skills, his demanding drills and attention to minute detail.

He has the ability to break down the most complex tricks and instruct students step-by-step in the pre-exercises that lead up to it.

The rumor goes he sometimes even gives compliments

Adrián & Melanie
(main con)

Adrian, aka Acrofroggy, is an Ashtangi who fell in love with acroyoga on his first try. For several years, he has been questioning movement through his practice of several disciplines, such as capoeira or climbing, and he has learned pedagogy through the human sciences (history, art history) as well as applied arts (sculpture, painting, etc.) or crafts (bakery, forge, etc.).

A few years ago, he discovered Acroyoga with VanCity Acro and then with Acrofusion. For him, it was a revelation, and he hasn't stopped since.

Today, he gives regular Acroyoga classes in Paris and organizes international events (Paris Acroyoga Festival) and workshops. He has also written a few books on Acroyoga.

In his classes, he pays particular attention to creating a safe environment, so that everyone feels safe to develop their creativity. He likes to understand each person's personal way of moving, the deep meaning of a movement, and encouraging their students to create their own.

In acrobatics, he loves being able to really work in connection with his partner, finding the link that connects two individuals to create a unique flow.

Mélanie was introduced to acroyoga last year when she couldn’t practice her biggest passion synchronized swimming because of lock down. Two very different sports which turned out to be quite similar. Both involve upsidedowns, strength, artistic, partners, flexibility, body tension and space awareness. But what fascinates her the most is how the tiniest correction can change the whole complexity of a movement or a trick when it’s done at the right moment.
Since then, partner acrobatic became another deep passion connecting 100% awareness of her own body as much as 100% trust in her partners.
The way she wants to teach is by accepting everyone’s personal art of movement while sharing her own experience, connecting people, keeping motivation, efficiency and a fun relaxed atmosphere.

Spontaneous swiss girl, she is passionate about travelling, language, music, culture and the body. Everywhere she feels most alive is related with nature. The world of sport as a lifetime happiness, she spends most of her free time in the mountains climbing, skiing, hiking or highlining with friends.

For her, the key of success is positivity; working hard on something even if it seems impossible and challenging herself until she succeeds. She also has to admit she has kind of an adrenaline addiction…

Pacôme Coulibaly
with Verena (main con)

Pacôme started his journey through movement with modern jazz and capoeira. He got addicted to dance and tried to take classes of every dance style he could. He traveled a lot in America (the whole continent) and Europe to take dance classes with the best teachers he could find (Tony McGregor for house, Luca Condro for flying low, Bernard Estrabaud for modern, Pablo Etcheveri for tango, and many more).
He also got interested in Pilates, posturology and AFCMD (functional and corporal analysis of dance movement) to master his body and understand how it works.

Later Pacôme started to train in circus space for acro dance research and saw people doing L-basing and it looked fun. He went to a convention (Xtrem Convention in Antwerpen) where he did his first h2h. It was then when he decided to dedicate himself to acro.
Since then he took around 1000+ hours of acro classes with many renowned teachers (Wybren, Acro Bart, Scott and Michaela and others). He stopped working in regular jobs to go full time with the circus. He also took a 2000h formation on pedagogy specialised in circus arts and acro.
Now he is giving local workshops and works with professional artists to create original acro material for their act and works in the CRAC circus school in Lomme as a circus teacher.

His language of the body, awareness about posturology and biomechanics, his dancing background and the shit loads of acro are the things he wants to share because his passion is to help people and make them happy!

Lisa & Korneel
Duo Nu (main con)

Korneel and Lisa,
back in Belgium since August 2021 after 15 months of nomadic life, away from their familiar paths.

They lived in a van across Europe, slow on the road, simple, discovering and meeting people.
Focusing on their discipline: partner acrobatics, they trained, did residencies, started researching and creating their act as a duo.

Physically and mentally bitten to continue this energy and to keep searching and finding new worlds that fit their way of being, or challenge them instead.

Their creations are based on their playfulness and street experience.

Paulo & Verena
(main con)


He is 32 years old, very active since young age he grow up in Lamego, Portugal where he practiced handball sport since early age, Paulo and his team won some trophies in the national championship.

Afterwards, he joined the army for 7 years, he got to be the responsible of the physical training of the soldiers. Once finished his service, he moved to Brussels and he got introduced to Acroyoga.

Since then he has been consistently training, participating and teaching in all international festivals he can.

Completed his teacher training in Bali 2020.

Paulo is seduced by the fun, the complicity and infinite possibilities in acroyoga and acrobatics.

Verena is one of the few Flyer-teachers in a community where most teachers are bases or couples. But don't ya worry, she is very well able to tell bases as well as flyers how to do their job. ;)

Verena has been doing Partner Acrobatics for about 10 years and teaching for 8 years. She has always enjoyed flying and being tossed through the air and after discovering Acro she immediately knew it was her thing. Her background is in Aerobic Gymnastics and Figure Skating and she has been doing loads of other sports like martial arts, trampoline and gymnastics but nothing has kept her thrilled like Acro. She has a wide experience in teaching since she has been teaching children for competitions since her early teens.

She is very problem focused and can give you good advice but she won't be easy on you. Some people value a compliment from her like their dearest treasure on the top shelf.

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Alice Nahonlei 65,
2900 Schoten,

We are holding the convention in a school, so don't look out for a sports center. :)

Google Maps link
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From Brussels Airport

  1. IC train (32 min) to Antwerpen Centraal
  2. Walk to Rooseveltplaats (7 min)
  3. Take bus 610 to Oelegem (43 min)
    bus stop = Schoten Delafaillelaan
  4. Walk, look for balloons (2 min)

From Charleroi airport

The train ride will take a bit longer.

I would advice taking the shuttle to Antwerp.
You must book in advance on mysupershuttle.be €25 pp one way



Where do we sleep?

In different sleeping rooms. Please let us know if you won't be sleeping in the hall. Bring your own mat and sleeping bag. We need the crash mats for our training.
You can also sleep in your tent on the grass field of the play ground if you want. The weather could be nice already.

Vegetarian food

There will be vegetarian and vegan options.

Drinks and snacks

Potable tap water is available for free.(At any faucet.)
There will be red and white wine available, as well as Belgian beer (Jupiler, Duvel, La Chouffe). at democratic prices

There will also be free snacks, and lots of easter eggs !

What time does the convention start?

COVID: travel regulations

(Last updated on 2022-03-16.)

Find all info for Belgium here.

In summary:
Valid vaccination certificates or a recovery certificate or a test certificate will do, both for entering and leaving Belgium.
You also have to fill in the passenger locator form (PLF) .

COVID: local rules

(Last updated on 2022-03-14.)

At this moment there are no restrictions and you don't need a green pass or covid safe pass to enter.

If you are sick, please stay home.
If you have a few covid symptoms, please test yourself before the convention.

COVID refund policy

If I need to cancel the event → you get your money back.

If you need to cancel because you are positive/sick/don't have the required covid pass → you will not be refunded, but you can sell your ticket to someone on the waiting list.

I will apply the local guidelines to this event (test, covid safe pass, ...)

Any more questions?

Read the info on this site again. :) ;)

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